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Martial Arts Introduction

Muyi Dan Gong


Muyi Dan Gong

Muyi Dan Gong, in essence, is life. It builds strength through gentle movements to balance the body and blood circulation in life and expresses the body movements according to breathing. It is a series of actions in which the body, mind, and spirit become one. The activities of the exercises are rooted in martial arts.

BMS (Body Mind Spirit) martial arts can maximize any martial art benefits one may practice. It can suppress physical force with minimal effort and use their emotions as energy by applying physical and mental principles. Efficient self-defense skills and internal martial arts are fused. In 1987, to become the best martial arts system available, the body's muscular strength, emotions, and mind were scientifically subdivided to apply body movements, emotions, and thoughts in different ways to increase the value of the martial art and make better health accessible to all.

It is a scientific fitness, and martial arts program developed to make everyday life enjoyable by restoring the mind through muscle relaxation, corrected body alignment, controlled hypertrophy, and stress relief. Another term used is Healing Qigong Gymnastics (translated from Korean).

It is a nurturing education that holds competitions with youth and seniors. Muyi Dan Gong aims for health and self-defense in the future. It also cultivates traditional martial arts culture for both domestic and foreign martial arts practitioners.



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