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Martial Arts Introduction

ISIBSABANMUYE ( 24 Martial Arts of MuYeDoBoTongJi )


1. ISIBSABANMUYE GyeongDang Association introduction 


‘ISIBSABANMUYE GyeongDang Association' was founded in 1989 by LimDongGyu, the general director of GyeongDang, the People 's Gym. To inherit the spirit of SeonBi and the spirit of reverence for martial arts. To cultivate talented people who have mastered both literature and martial arts. To study, restore and disseminate ISIBSABANMUYE(24 Martial Arts) of MuYeDoBoTongJi. ‘ISIBSABANMUYE GyeongDang Association' is a traditional martial arts organization registered as an incorporated corporation under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2002. 


This association tries to lead a more prosperous life through researching and disseminating traditional military martial arts, such as archery and equestrian martial arts, as well as ISIBSABANMUYE(24 Martial Arts). 


2. ISIBSABANMUYE GyeongDang Association 


GoGuRyeo(고구려高句麗) GyeongDang(경당扃堂)'s spirit of reverence for martial arts, SangMuJeongSin(상무정신尙武精神).

And JoSeon(조선朝鮮) SeonBi(선비)'s philosophy of mastering both literature and martial arts, MunMuGyeomJeon(문무겸전文武兼全).

These virtues are revived with 24 martial arts, ISIBSABANMUYE(24반무예二十四般武藝)!

1. MuYeDoBoTongJi and ISIBSABANMUYE(24 Martial Arts )


ISIBSABANMUYE(24반무예二十四般武藝) refers to the 24 Martial Arts in the military textbook of JoSeon Dynasty, MuYeDoBoTongJi(무예도보통지武藝圖譜通志). 


ISIBSABANMUYE is based on the contents that the three Eastern countries of China(Myeong), Japan(Oae) and Korea(JoSeon조선朝鮮) used for battles through wars such as the Imjin War(임진왜란壬辰倭亂) from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Ages. It is a set of naional defense martial arts that was reconstructed on the basis of practical study and used for examinations and military training. 


Martial arts of JoSeon military have gradually increased to 24 martial arts over 200 years since the publication of a military textbook, MuYeJeBo of 6 martial arts ( GonBang, DeungPae, NangSeon, JangCHang, DangPa, SSangSuDo ) in 1598 by an korean officer HanGyo of the HunRyeonDoGam troop under the command of the king SeonJo during the ImJin War. 


In 1610, officer CHoiGiNam of HunRyeonDoGam troop published MuYeJeBoBeonYeogSogJib adding GueonBeob, UeorDo, HyeobDo, OaeGeom on MuYeJeBo. 

In 1759, during the crown prince SaDo represents the king, officer ImSuUng of HunRyeonDoGam Troop published MuYeSinBo making up 18 infantry martial arts.

In 1790, king Jeongjo's year 14 and April 29 according to the lunar calendar, Royal Academy GyuJangGag's scholars YiDeogMu, BagJeGa and Royal Escort Troop JangYongYoung's best warrior BaegDongSu organized the data so far and compiled military textbook MuYeDoBoTongJi of 24 martial arts by adding 6 types of cavalry martial art under the command of the king JeongJo the Great


MuYeDoBoTongJi has 4 volumes of 4 books in ancient asian letters(HanMun) and 1 volume of 1 book in korean letters(HanGeur). The martial arts are listed as follows.


Volume 1 -

JangCHang장창長槍 (Long Spear),

JugJangCHang죽장창竹長槍(Long Bamboo Spear),

GiCHang기창旗槍 (Flag Spear),

DangPa당파鐺鈀 (Trident),

GiCHang기창騎槍[=MaSangCHang마상창馬上槍] (Cavalry Spear),

NangSeon낭선狼先 (Spear with poisoned branches),

Volume 2-

SSangSuDo쌍수도雙手刀 (Two Handed Sword),

Yedo예도銳刀 (Sharp Sword),

OaeGeom왜검倭劍 (Jaepanese Sword),

GyoJeon교전交戰 (Sword Combat),

Volume 3-

JeDogGeom제독검提督劍 (Admiral's Sword),

BonGugGeom본국검本國劍 (Homeland Swords),

SSangGeom쌍검雙劍 (Twin Swords),

MaSangSSangGeom마상쌍검馬上雙劍 (Twin Swords on Horseback),

UeorDo월도月刀 (Moon Sword),

MaSangUeorDo마상월도馬上月刀 (Moon Sword on Horseback),

HyeobDo협도挾刀 (Heavy Moon Sword with Eyebrow form blade),

DeungPae등패藤牌 (Rattan Shield),

Volume 4-

GueonBeob권법拳法 (Fist Law),

GonBang곤방棍棒 (Stick [with metal tip]),

PyeonGon편곤鞭棍 (Flail),

MaSangPyeonGon마상편곤馬上鞭棍 (Flail on Horseback),

GyeogGu격구擊毬 (Horseback Sport with Ball),

MaSangJae마상재馬上才 (Acrobat on Horse).





ISIBSABANMUYE(24 martial arts) is broadly divided into 18 types of infantry martial arts that do not ride on horses and 6 types of cavalry martial arts that ride on horses.


ISIBSABANMUYE(24 martial arts) is also divided into 6 types of martial arts focused on stabbing techniques, 12 types of martial arts focused on cutting techniques, and 6 types of martial arts based on hitting techniques etc.


Classification for

Use of Horses


Classification for

Type of Attacks (24)

Infantry Martial Arts

(Martial Arts without Horse)


Cavalry Martial Arts

(Martial Arts on



6 types of martial arts focused on stabbing techniques



GiCHang(=Flag Spear)




(=Cavalry Spear)

12 types of martial arts focused on cutting techniques














6 types of martial arts based on hitting

techniques etc.








“MuYeDoBoTongJi” was registered as a Memory of the World in 2017 (UNESCO Memory of the World programme). And 24 Martial Arts of MuYeDoBoTongJi were designated as a Seoul Metropolitan Intangible Cultural Property No. 51 Traditional Military Martial Arts on February 14, 2019.




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