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Martial Arts Introduction

Background of Hoijeon Moosool's founder


1) Background of Hoijeon Moosool's founder

1) Myung Jae-ok trained hard every day to improve his skills. But in order to improve the skills he wanted, and to teach faster and stronger skills to the next generation (in addition to the true spirit of the nation), he systemized a new combat method of utilizing not just the physical weapons of the body, but the characteristics of the human body as well.

Jae-ok Myung, founder of Hoijeon Moosool

April 1965 - Gongsudo 5 Dan,

January 1984 - International Federation Hapkido 10 Dan,,

2) Deduction of Jae-ok Myung, the founder of Hoijeon Moosool

Announced the creation of Hoijeon Moosool on January 1, 1986

Established Hoijeon Moosool Association on May 5, 1986,

Registered as a social group by the Korean Hoijeon Moosool Association on December 29, 1989.

In 2021, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of the creation of Hoijeon Moosool.

Hoijeon Moosool originality establishment certification: 2 times

1st certification- June 05, 2016: Certificate awarded by the Korean Federation of Traditional Martial Arts

2nd certification, November 13, 2016: US (New Orleans, Texas) Seminar-Certification confirmed by public demonstration

The seminar event on November 12, 2016 was attended by 100 people from 1st to 9th Dan from all over the US.

Group 1-25 people each, 1 hour Hoijeon Moosool special seminar (4 groups-4 hours)

On the 13th, the founder of Hoijeon Moosool (Myung Jae-ok) was given a 15-minute special event (attendance from the head of the martial arts group),

Similarity to other martial arts techniques: No similarity to any other system! 100% originality certified!

Korean traditional martial arts (Refer to page 15 of data from July 2012)

Traditional martial arts, restoration martial arts, inaugural martial arts (originality (principle establishment and systemization),

Distinguished announcements as “Proposed Martial Arts”, etc.




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